Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of elected and appointed officers. The board meets monthly and the meetings are open to all members of the Nor Cal Shelby Club. The purposes of this meeting are:

  • Set club policies and procedures.
  • Plan and review club budget and operating expenses.
  • Coordinate club events.
  • Socialize with other Shelby & Ford enthusiasts.
  • Read the Bylaws

See the events calendar for the times and dates of the board meetings.

2022 Elected Officers

Scott Herbert, President

Scott Hirose, Past President

Wes Irwin, Vice President

Jim Long, Treasurer

Cole Reif, Secretary

Bill Fulk, DRIVEN Editor

Ray Banks, Board Member at Large

Steve Chapman, Board Member at Large

Charlie Dotson, Board Member at Large

Kristina Hoff-Mallamace, Board Member at Large

Sean Hellerich, Board Member at Large

Charlie Major, Board Member at Large

Coleman Reif, Board Member at Large

Doug Werner, Board Member at Large

Appointed / Volunteer Officers

Mike Camicia, Membership
NorCal Member Since 1999

Neeraj Sharma, Event Registrar

Kristina Hoff-Mallamace, Promotions

Doug Conn, OTEC Representative

Tom Fry, National SAAC Representative
NorCal Member Since 1980

Forrest Straight, National SAAC Representative

Mark Swanson, Webmaster