NorCal Shelby American Automobile Club

Turkey Bowl

Friday, November 24, 2017, Mazda Raceway, 92 dB

Registration Coming Soon


NorCal SAAC requires SA2010, M2010, SA20115, M2015 helmets.


6:30aPaddock gates open at Mazda Raceway
7:15aTech & Registration at Mazda Raceway
8:00aMandatory Driver's Meeting for All Open Track Drivers in the Drivers' Lounge
9:00a to 4:30pOpen Track: Yellow, Red, Red-PLUS or Green, Mazda Raceway, 92 dB sound limit, $250/car one run group
6:00pGates close at Mazda Raceway



Driver Waiver

Emergency Medical

Tech Form


Open Track Info


Open Track Participants: All drivers and passengers must comply with the NorCal SAAC Open Track Rules. Please read these rules carefully, including the Safety Inspection and Disqualification Policies. All passengers and drivers must sign a Release of Liability Waiver and provide emergency medical information. All vehicles participating in the open track sessions must undergo a thorough inspection prior to arriving at the event. This inspection is to ensure that your vehicle is mechanically sound. As a minimum, you must perform all of the inspections listed on the tech inspection form. Initial each line item signifying that YOU have performed the inspection and made all required repairs.

Sharing a Car and/or Multiple Cars: Every driver/car combination must pay for their track time. Car sharing options are as follows:

Multiple drivers sharing one car in the same run group Pay for one run group
Multiple drivers sharing one car in different run groups Pay for each run group
One driver with multiple cars in different run groups Pay for each run group

Membership: You may renew your NorCal SAAC membership or become a new member along with your event entry. Annual membership is not required.

Jennifer Hellerich is the NorCal SAAC registrar. You can contact her at

2010 NorCal SAAC
PO Box 700789 San Jose CA 95170