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Spring Sprint Open Track
and Driver’s School

Thunderhill Raceway 3-Mile
April 22 and 23, 2017

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Experience the thrill of driving your high-performance car on the racetrack. We provide an onsite ambulance, tow truck, and professional corner workers. Passing permitted only in designated areas, with more liberal rules for the experienced groups. Driver conduct is closely monitored by our track stewards to ensure an enjoyable time for everyone. Run groups of 20-40 cars each:

  • School (Beginner)
  • Yellow (Novice)
  • Red (Intermediate)
  • Red-Plus (Intermediate-Advanced)
  • Green (Advanced)

ALL makes and models welcome (except open-wheel) Nor Cal SAAC membership not required.

Drivers must be at least 18 years old and have a valid driverís license. Passengers 18 years and older allowed in some sessions.

Sound Limit

Thunderhill Raceway has a sound limit of 103dB. Mufflers are required on all cars. No open exhausts allowed. Track Operations will be monitoring all run groups to ensure that all cars are below the required sound limit for this event.

Driver’s School

The school will be all day Saturday.

Our school is led by OTEC head instructor Mike Camicia. The day will begin with a ride along-instructors driving and students riding. This will be at low speed and without helmets, allowing students to hear the instructor and see just where we want you to drive, AKA the Line.

After the ride along, we will hold a classroom session to review the Line you just observed. We will go over the flags used by the corner workers to control track safety.

During your first track session you will concentrate on driving the correct Line rather than speed. As students gain skill and confidence, speeds will begin to pick up while maintaining good car control. Later in the day we will move to lead-follow. This is where two students will follow an instructor around the track. The instructor will have the students leap frog into the lead, allowing instructor to observe and students to get the feel of passing.

Between each track session students will meet back in the classroom for download discussions. During these sessions instructors will discuss the progress of each student. This also provides time for students to ask questions and review driving concepts.

This school is a great opportunity for friends and family to get introduced to track driving in a gradual and controlled environment. Whether you want to become a track enthusiast or you just want that one-time experience, I hope you will consider joining us. Whether you want to drive the family race car or your faithful daily-driver, this is a unique opportunity.

Student drivers between 16 and 18 years of age can be accepted if they provide appropriate signed waivers to Registration. Contact Registration by email prior to the event and request the forms for these waivers.

Saturday Night Activities

Saturday after the track goes cold we will have a Beer and Wine Social (Beer:30) followed by a DoDah/BBQ at the track. Dinner will be buffet style in the Thunderhill Clubhouse.

Overnight parking available.

Registration Policies

All drivers are responsible for proper preparation and inspection of their cars prior to Open Track events. During the registration process, all drivers must affirm that their cars have been inspected and prepared for the event. OTEC officials may inspect cars, at their sole discretion, at an event and any cars judged to fail the inspection will not be allowed on the track.

All drivers and passengers must comply with the NorCal SAAC Open Track Rules. All passengers and drivers must sign a Release of Liability Waiver and provide emergency medical information.

Registration: All registrations must be done through and will require immediate payment.

Membership: You may renew your annual membership or become a new annual member along with your event entry. If you're not an annual member, there will be an event membership fee added to your entry.

Sharing a Car: Every driver/car combination must pay for their track time. Car sharing options are as follows:

Multiple drivers sharing one car in the same run group Pay for one run group
Multiple drivers sharing one car in different run groups Pay for each run group

Regardless of run group stickers on your windshield, a driver should never enter the track in a group for which they are not qualified.

Car Tech: Prior to attending this event, you must perform a thorough inspection to ensure that your vehicle is mechanically sound. As a minimum, you must perform all of the inspections listed on the Self-Tech form. Initial each line item signifying that YOU have performed the inspection and made all required repairs. Please refer to the NorCal SAAC Open Track Rules for additional car prep guidelines. NorCal SAAC reserves the right to remove any car from the event that does not meet proper safety standards.

Car Numbers: All cars must display a car number. 1, 2 or 3-digit numbers only (no alphabetic or other characters). Please indicate one preferred number and one alternate number on your entry form. Car numbers will be assigned by the registrar starting 10 days prior to the event. Preference will be given to those club members using their Permanent Numbers. Then to entries based on the entry date.

NorCal SAAC will no longer accept SA2005 and MA2005 helmets after the Spring Sprint event.

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